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Hybrid Event

CHANGE Share &
Challenge: MEA

CHANGE Share & Challenge: MEA 2020 is a fully hybrid event that was designed to disseminate and better understand the organization's operations.  There are both offline and online exhibitions as well as awareness-raising activities for employees to share their knowledge and develop their abilities.

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Hybrid Event

This is a new alternative option that bridges the gap between the offline and online worlds. This option expands the number of channels available to exhibitors and enhances the amount of interaction they have with attendees. It also benefits organizers in lowering costs associated with location, transportation and equipment.


Both offline and online audiences have a shared experience as they are connected at the hybrid events. The Lucky Draw activity and Game collect point to win prizes helps to increase the interaction between the organizer and participants. The Live Vote is also featured, which counts votes and presents results in real-time.

Projects: Projects
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Big Data

Big data is a database that stores information as well as provides exhibitors with data analytic tools. The business can use the demands of the participants and other necessary information to develop their future strategy, provide more efficient services and gain a competitive advantage over competitors.

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