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Virtual Event

The virtual event was held by EGCO GROUP INNERGY in order to seek for creative innovators on the Shark Bite stage. Outstanding ideas were presented at the showcase of process improvement by EGCO Group teams. The objective of the event was focusing on operation development, new business opportunity creation and sustainable growth in the age of disruptive technology. The audiences did not only explore and gain their knowledge, but they were able to engage and interact with the host in real-time.

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Live presentation

Live presentations allowed presenters to avoid travel fees and time, reduced their carbon footprint, and exchanged ideas online. Furthermore, many of the same benefits experienced by presenters at traditional in-person conferences were available to online presenters, such as presenting one's work to audiences and participating in Q&A, publishing in the Conference Proceedings, and participating in discussions with others. With Live Presentations, audience members could see a presentation on their device from anywhere they wanted. They could give feedback, send live reactions to the presenter, and comment their opinions on the live chat box.

Real time Lucky draw

Having a game where participants stand a chance to win rewards and prizes solely based on luck induced a sense of excitement and thrill of winning big and kept the participants engaged. Result draws were done automatically and played out in real time, adding on to the suspense of waiting for audiences’ names to roll out and appear on the screen. It was a seamless, swift and effective method to connect both the audience and the company.

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